Tuesday, December 28, 2021

S-Kunt Work

Standing in the middle of the room, tied to the rafters is prettyawkward for Dixon Mason. She is pretty much on display, although theonly person coming by to check her out is PD. Still, it is a prettyvulnerable position for her to be in and one he is definitely going toexploit. First comes the cock, you knew as soon as you saw her that he wouldn'tbe able to resist touching her body. Then comes the pain. Beautifulwomen think so much of themselves. It is good to add a little bit ofsuffering to their day, to remind them who is in charge. She suffersunder the attention of his whip, but that is not going to be enough. PD can't stand to have a messy dungeon. He doesn't like to leave histoys out, and that includes Dixon. She is going to get put away in avery tight box until he has another use for her. There are quite a fewthings that she will need to take care of, including some work aroundhis studio, but the most important one will always be making sure hiscock gets sucked right. ! It is a hard day's work, but if she performsit well she will receive her payment, incredible orgasms deliveredthrough intense bondage.
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